Friday, April 8, 2011

at last i have a reason to blog

Asssalamualaikum w.b.t. ,

Last thursday, for the first time i attended 'Human Right' lecture. this subject which is from a law faculty is compulsary to all mansoura university student and we, medicine student have to study it in our 4th year. i'm not interested on attending before because of several reasons which is the bad side of me. it changed when i heard from a friends this lecture is very political and the doctor (lecturer) just returned from the oversea, so i was very motivated.

the lecture was about the freedom of opinion and expression. we were lectured that every person has a right to give express their opinion,to seek and receive information, to strike and to peaceful demonstration. i agree there must be a restriction to this freedom because without it, the country will face a big problem like a provocation from a racist. it must be moderate, so the people still have their right.

But, there is a governmont like republic of egypt, legislate the emergency law in the name of country threat which restrict people right totally. This law was first enacted in 1958, and has remained in effect since 1967, except for an 18-month break in 1980. As a result, in 25th January 2011, people express their angry and rise leading to the Egypt Revolution.

at the end, doctor wanted to hear from us about Malaysia Politic. Unexpectedly, i was chosen. why me, doctor? at first i wanted to refuse it but i thought i have to respect him as a teacher. Honestly, to explain about the politic is not a problem at all, but to talk in english, it will be a disaster to me.

And as i expected, it really was but alhamdulillah they still can understand. i couldn't pronounce correctly and forgot too many vocabs. Fortunately, there were about 25 only in the hall. What would happen if all the students came? Surely i will not come to the class for a few days, ashamed of it.

I realised how bad my english is and i guess i have to force myself to learn it for my future. i only have 3 more years before i will be a houseman officer (HO). But, "how" is the big question for me.

Before this, i didn't find enough reason to blogging. Of course there is a reason like delivering Islam message but i can do it in other way. Hopely, by writing english in my blog once a week (maybe) will improve me slowly. But, it took me a time even to write this post. huh.

Lastly, tomorrow will be our new round, Forensic and Toxicology and I have to study all the three previous round too (ENT, Community Medicine and Ophthalmology) since after that we will seat final exam, so i guess this will be my busiest round.

Good luck!

p/s : sorry for changing my blog address again.